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Hiding, Reordering and Removing Items in Workflow
Hiding, Reordering and Removing Items in Workflow

You can show and hide certain properties in Workflow using the Canvas Builder

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In this example, we are viewing the properties of a contact in HubSpot:

1) Open your Workflows in your Highways Dashboard @

2) Click the Workflow that applies, in this example we will choose HubSpot.

On the editor screen, choose the Canvas you wish to edit, in this example it will be for Contact Details:

To disable, or enable, a property click Disable

To move a property, drag is by the 'hamburger' on the left-hand side.

In this example, we have moved City to the top and disabled two properties,

Changes are saved automatically and apply to your account only. If your team mate wishes to customise their canvas, they need to log in to their account.

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