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How to migrate to Highways 2.0
How to migrate to Highways 2.0
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This guide assumes the following: you are the admin of your Intercom Workspace or you are managing it for your team.


If you are not an admin or manager for your Intercom workspace, please send this document to them. Do not proceed further into this guide as you risk service interruptions to your teammates.

Before You Start

  • This guide applies if you installed any Highways app before October 25th, 2021

  • If you logged into our apps via or, this applies to you.

  • If you are unsure or need help, open a chat with us below before getting started.

1) Open your Intercom Inbox, and click App Store in the bottom left-hand corner.

2) Click Your installed apps (Top left corner)

3) Find for your current Highways app e.g. "Pipedrive by Highways" and click Uninstall

Repeat this process for each app from Highways you have installed on your Intercom workspace.

4) Open and click the app you wish to install. Follow the installation procedure for each app you need.

5) Once you have successfully installed each app, verify it is functioning correctly by opening your Intercom Inbox.

6) Each member of your team must re-install and/or re-authorise their apps. Ask them to proceed to and click the correct app, or they will be prompted when they open their Intercom Inbox.

Important - Billing Information & Subscriptions

  • Existing user accounts are not migrated during this process. Each of your teammates must install the new app.

  • You may be required to re-enter your billing information @

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