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Create your first sync with Highways
Create your first sync with Highways

Sync data between your favourite applications automatically.

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Once you've connected applications through Highways, you'll be able to setup your first sync.


  1. Navigate to Syncs

  2. Click "New sync"

  3. Give your sync a Name

  4. Select the source system for your sync

  5. Select the destination system for your sync

  6. Select what data object you want to sync

  7. Select when you want that data to sync

  8. Click Create (This will not set anything live)

  9. Once you've created your sync, click Edit

  10. Decide on the additional settings

  11. Click Enable to set your sync live


  • By clicking create, you are not setting your sync live

  • You can setup rules for your sync to limit when and how syncs happen

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