Highways, WAFs and Cloudflare

Cloudflare and other WAFs can block Highways

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Cloudflare and other WAF systems, like AWS WAFs, can block requests from Highways to your system. This is especially prevalent for on-premise systems like WooCommerce and WordPress.

If using Cloudflare, please check your blocked requests and firewall settings. You may need to whitelist or otherwise mark Highways requests as safe in your WAF.

Please note, Highways cannot assist you in configuring your WAF. Please contact your WAF provider to discuss these configurations.

Developer Notes

  • All requests from Highway servers will originate from Heroku servers in the USA.

  • Due to the nature of Heroku's landscape, our IPs are subject to random change.

  • Where possible, we include a User-Agent header that contains the string 'Highways'

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