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How are Leads matched in Close?
How are Leads matched in Close?

We ensure your Intercom and Close Leads are matched up.

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When using Highway's with Close, our system searches for a match based on email and if no matches are found, we fall back to matching by domain.

For example, if a user has an email such as '' Highways will:

  • Search your Close leads by email and if an exact match for this email is found in a Leads contacts, the lead will be matched.

  • If no leads are found, Highways will search by domain e.g. '' and match with any leads that have this URL specified in their meta data.

If more than one match is found, Highways will present you with the Leads and you can manually choose which lead is the correct match. If no leads are found, you can create one.

Important: Highways Sync will assign unmatched leads to the Highways Sync Lead in Close and you will need to manually match them.

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