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What Microsoft Dynamics Permissions do I need?
What Microsoft Dynamics Permissions do I need?

Microsoft Dynamics requires additional permission to work with Highways Sync

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By default, Highways makes use of the Common Data Service access level for its applications. Depending on your environment, the default permissions of this access may be too restrictive for Highways to function.

For example, when Assigning a Contact, the default permissions may cause this operation to fail. To correct this, you should ensure that Assignment, and other core operations, are available to Highways.

Important: For security, always consult with your Microsoft Dynamics Admin prior to making changes to API permissions. The exact level of permission required is dependent on your organisation's security policy. This guide is meant as a high-level overview.

1) Check the Security Roles & Permissions tutorial for updated information on Roles and Privileges

2) Open the Power Platform Admin Center, choose your environment, then Settings and Security Roles

3) Edit, or add, a role to ensure Highways has access to your Contacts and other key entities e.g. Incidents, Leads etc.

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