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How to debug our WordPress Plugin
How to debug our WordPress Plugin

If you are using our Highways Sync for Intercom plugin, you can debug it using these steps.

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When requesting support, please complete these steps first. We cannot assist you without these logs files.

1) Ensure that you are using the latest version of our plugin. Check your WordPress plugin page for updates or verify using our listing page here

2) Open Settings, then Intercom Sync and enable Synchronous Calls and Intercom Logging. These settings remove scheduling, which can cause conflicts, and increases the level of logging for API calls to Intercom.

3) If you are using WooCommerce, our plugin will place your logs in WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs and in the Highways Sync files. Remember to choose the Highways Sync file and click View to update your log viewer.

If you are not using WooCommerce, your logs will appear in your WordPress or PHP log files. If you do not know where these are, please contact your hosting service as their location varies.

4) Wait for a few actions to take place e.g. WooCommerce Orders, New WP User-created etc and check your logs.

Only when you have log entries should you contact Highways Support.


  • It is recommended to disable Synchrous Calls and Intercom logging once you have completed your debugging. These settings should be off (unchecked) when in production.

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