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Can I sync labels or tags between connected systems?
Can I sync labels or tags between connected systems?

Need your tags and labels in more than one system? Highways Sync can help!

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Highways Sync gives you the ability to sync tags (Sometimes called labels) between your connected systems. Let's assume you are using Pipedrive and Intercom

In Intercom, you apply a number of tags to your contact e.g. Hot Lead, EMEA Customer and Sales Team Qualified

In Pipedrive, the Hot Lead tag is applied but there is also another tag called UK Sales Team

Highways will conduct the following action to sync the tags:

  • In Pipedrive, it will apply the EMEA Customer and Sales Team Qualified tags

  • In Intercom, it will apply the UK Sales Team tag

If a tag does not exist in a system, it will be created and then applied. Therefore, when the sync is completed, the tags in both systems will match.

Does Highways monitor tags and remove them if changed or deleted?

No. Highways only compares the differences in tags in each system. If you remove a tag in one system, but it exists in the other system, the tag will be re-applied when they are next synced.

For example, a contact has the tag Hot Lead in both Intercom and Pipedrive. If you remove this tag in Intercom, it will be re-applied at the next sync as it still exists in Pipedrive. Therefore, if you wish to remove a tag, you must remove it in both systems.

Important Notes

  • Tag comparison is by text comparison and is case sensitive e.g. highways and Highways will be considered different tags and applied/created accordingly.

  • Tags and labels are only synced between contacts. Tags are not currently synced to organisations, companies or conversations.

  • In Pipedrive, the tags will be applied to a custom field created by Highways. Pipedrive, in their default Label field, does not support multiple tags. Therefore, you must use the field created by Highways.

  • This feature is not available for all systems so please contact us if your system is not supported.

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