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Can I assign ownership of a lead or contact with Sync?
Can I assign ownership of a lead or contact with Sync?

Sync can intelligently assign the owner of a contact in your CRM or live chat system based on the conversation data.

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When a conversation is being synced by Highways, you have the option to assign the owner of a contact, person or lead based on this information,

Let's assume you use Pipedrive and Intercom, and Pipedrive is your system of record. This means the ownership of a person is determined by Pipedrive. When a conversation is synced from Intercom to Pipedrive, Sync can check the ownership of the person in Pipedrive and assuming this owner has a seat in Intercom, Sync will assign that Intercom contact accordingly.

This ensures that your owner in Pipedrive also owns that contact in Intercom meaning less chance of a lost sale or missed conversation.

To enable this feature, look for the ownership setting in your Sync:

In the screenshot above, Sync is being told to use Pipedrive as the system of record and assign the ownership in Intercom using the owner information Pipedrive.

What if the CRM owner does not have a seat in my live chat tool?

Highways assume that the owner in your CRM, for example Pipedrive, is also a user of your live chat tool, for example, Intercom. Matching is based the user email hence if the owner does not exist or uses a different email in both systems, then ownership assignment will fail.

I use rules to assign owners, will Highways overwrite them?

By default, Highways does not overwrite existing ownership data. Therefore if your system has already assigned an owner, Highways will not overwrite it.

Important: This is feature is not supported by all applications. Please contact us to confirm we support your application and ownership assignment.

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