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How do I map a custom field in Highways Sync?
How do I map a custom field in Highways Sync?

Custom field mapping allows you to move attributes between systems in a seamless fashion.

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To begin, you will need to set up a sync between two systems. In our example, we will be using a sync between Intercom and Pipedrive.

From your console, click Syncs and scroll to the attribute section you to wish to map. For this example, we will be mapping from Intercom to Pipedrive, but the process is the same for mapping from Pipedrive to Intercom.

Click New

In the pop up modal, add the email address of a person, contact or lead that you know contains values for the custom fields you wish to map. Highways requires this information to ensure we can find and display the correct custom fields for your system.

When ready, click Fetch attributes

And in the drop-downs, choose the fields you wish to map. In our example, we are mapping the phone field of Intercom to the phone field of Pipedrive.

When you have selected the required fields in the drop-down, click Map attributes to save the new mapping.

You can now add other fields and when you are finished mapping, click Close

Finally, ensure enable chat attribute mapping is enabled and then click Save

Your system will now begin to sync custom fields each time a conversation is updated.

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