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When are custom fields updated, transferred and synced?
When are custom fields updated, transferred and synced?

Highways Sync supports the mapping of custom fields, find out when they are updated here.

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When a conversation has finished updating, Highways will attempt to sync the transcript of that conversation. If custom field maps are enabled for that sync, these maps are checked and any changes transferred at that time.


  • Custom fields are only checked when conversations are updated. Changes to custom fields within their respective systems will not trigger a custom map operation in Highways Sync.

  • Custom field maps are checked and transferred at most once per hour. This is to avoid excessive load on your connected systems. For example, if a conversation is updated 3 times within one hour, only one of these operations will trigger a custom map check and update. After one hour has elapsed, the next conversation update will trigger a check.

  • Fields with identical data in both connected systems are always skipped to avoid unnecessary data transfer.

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