Highways sync your conversation transcripts based on updates to that conversation. For example, when a user replies or a teammate sends a message, these events will trigger conversation sync. There are two forms of syncing, real-time and hourly.

Real-time Syncing

Supported by:

  • Intercom

  • Drift

Frequency: 15 minutes after the last received conversation update.

Important Notice for Intercom: Manual messages or messages sent via campaigns are only updated every 8 hours. This is due to the way Intercom handles the sending of these messages.

Hourly Syncing

Supported by:

  • LiveChat

  • Front

Frequency: Every 8 hours

Why do these applications not support real-time syncing?

At present, Front and LiveChat do not expose webhooks or other methods of notifying Highways Sync when a conversation is updated. As such, Highways must scan your workspace periodically to detect and sync new conversation transcripts.

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