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When and how often do conversation transcripts sync?
When and how often do conversation transcripts sync?

Highways is designed to get your conversations from system to system as soon as possible.

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Highways sync your conversation transcripts based on updates to that conversation. For example, when a user replies or a teammate sends a message, these events will trigger conversation sync. There are two forms of syncing, real-time and hourly.

Real-time Syncing

Supported by:

  • Intercom

  • Drift

Frequency: 15 minutes after the last received conversation update.

Important Notice for Intercom: Manual messages or messages sent via campaigns are only updated every 8 hours. This is due to the way Intercom handles the sending of these messages.

Hourly Syncing

Supported by:

  • LiveChat

  • Front

Frequency: Every 8 hours

Why do these applications not support real-time syncing?

At present, Front and LiveChat do not expose webhooks or other methods of notifying Highways Sync when a conversation is updated. As such, Highways must scan your workspace periodically to detect and sync new conversation transcripts.

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