How do I reset my password?
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When a Highways App is installed, an account is created for that user in Highways. This account utilises the email of the Intercom Account that installed the App.

I installed an App recently and my password isn’t working for the Highways Admin Console?

When an App is installed in Highways, and we created your account, we set your password to a secure, one-time value. You must reset your password (See below) before you can log in using your password of choice. Note, your Intercom login is not impacted by this change.

How do I reset my Highways Admin Console password?

  1. Enter your account email and reset your password via the email sent to you.

My Intercom email has changed, how do I access Highways Apps?

Please contact us to change your email as your email is used to permit access to your Highways App ecosystem.


  • You must have installed a Highways App prior to accessing the console.

  • By default, your password is set to a random, secure combination upon installation of a Highways App. To set this password to your own choice, simply click here and reset it.

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