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How do I send Intercom Events from WordPress?
How do I send Intercom Events from WordPress?
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Once installed and connected, the Intercom Sync plugin from Highways will automatically send events from WordPress to Intercom. By default, the app sends the following events:

All events are prefixed by ‘wp_’ so that they are easily identifiable in Intercom. This can be changed using the iwp_event_prefix filter.

Note: Events sent to Intercom by our plugin are shown in brackets e.g. (register_new_user)


  • New User Registered (register_new_user)

  • User Login & Logout (user_login & user_logout)

  • User Profile Updated (profile_update)

  • User Password Reset (password_reset)

  • User Deleted (delete_user)

  • User Role Changed (set_user_role)


  • Cart Item Removed (wc_cart_item_removed)

  • Cart Item Added (wc_cart_item_added)

  • Cart Emptied (wc_cart_emptied)

  • Order Created (wc_order_created)

  • Order Status Changed (wc_order_status_{status})

  • Checkout Reached (wc_checkout_reached)

  • Coupon Applied (wc_coupon_applied)

WooCommerce Subscriptions

  • Subscription Status Pending Cancellation or Cancelled (wc_subscription_cancelled & wc_subscription_pending_cancellation)

  • Subscription On-Hold (wc_subscription_paused)

  • Subscription Created (wc_subscription_purchased)

  • Subscription Renewed (wc_subscription_renewed)

  • Subscription Trial Ended (wc_subscription_trial_ended)

WooCommerce Deposits

  • Order with Deposit (wc_deposit_made)

  • Order with Payment Plan (wc_deposit_payment_plan)

WooCommerce Bookings

  • Booking Created (wc_booking_created)

  • Booking Cancelled (wc_booking_cancelled)

  • Booking Completed (wc_booking_complete)

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