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How do I track orders in WooCommerce from the Intercom Messenger?
How do I track orders in WooCommerce from the Intercom Messenger?
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Important: This is a developer-level document and requires admin access to your Intercom Developer console. Highways do not support the installation or configuration of this feature or the plugin without a specific WordPress support contract in place. Please contact Highways Support for details of how your organisation can be supported.

Feature Overview

The part of the WordPress plugin from Highways permits users to enter their Order ID and Tracking ID, and be given direct information regarding the status of their WooCommerce Order.

Note, a user must provide their Order and Tracking IDs for the search to be conducted.


Step One

Install and configure the Highways Sync by Intercom plugin for WordPress.

Step Two

Ensure your WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugin is activated and operation.

Step Three

Open your developer account in Intercom @ and click Your Apps. On the ‘Your Apps’, scroll to the bottom and click New App

On the given screen, enter your app name (You may choose any name you wish) and choose the correct workspace where your app will be used in Messenger. Finally, choose Internal Integration.

Your new app will load and the configuration will set to default. We recommend removing all permissions except for those strictly required for Intercom Messenger

Next, click Canvas Kit and choose For users, leads and visitors.

Enable the Messenger and add the following URLs to the Initialize and Submit options:

Remember to change ‘’ to your domain and ensure the right URL is in the correct option e.g. The submit URL is placed in the submit option.

Click Save and your options should look as follows:

Step Four

Open your Intercom App and choose Messenger on the extreme right lower side. Click Add Messenger home apps and add the newly created app:

The app should now appear in your messenger and users can begin to track their orders!

Important: Your REST API from WooCommerce must return a response within 3 to 5 seconds or the Intercom Messenger will report an error. Furthermore, security plugins can disrupt the JSON return from the AJAX call. Highways recommend troubleshooting in Postman.

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