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“Please try again” or "woocommerce_rest_cannot_view" what does this error mean?
“Please try again” or "woocommerce_rest_cannot_view" what does this error mean?
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As our app connects directly to your WooCommerce site via the WooCommerce REST API, Highways is dependent on your server being fast and responsive to our requests.

Highways recommend that you use VPS or dedicated servers if interacting with our WooCommerce application.

If you see this error often, please contact us and we would be happy to make recommendations.

How To Test Your WordPress & WooCommerce Site

Important, Highways may request you conduct this test but they cannot help you undertake it. Please consult with your development team as required or review the alternative options at the end of this document.

As WooCommerce is self-hosted, Highways may request that you test your site for two criteria:

  1. Your website is responding in less than 5 seconds to REST API calls

  2. Your website is returning correct JSON to REST API Calls

To test your site, you will require Postman and ensure that WordPress error logging is on.

Create a GET request in Postman to the following URL:

Where {email} is a known order email, and your API key and secret for WooCommerce are inserted in the correct parameters.

Your request should look as follows:

When ready, click Send

You should receive a JSON response with a status of 200 in under 5000ms (5s)

If you do not receive an HTTP 200 code, you should check your WordPress logs for errors.

Lastly, please check SSL is enabled and your request is not being rerouted.

What if I cannot do this test myself?

If you cannot conduct this test yourself, you can generate a new set of API keys for WooCommerce and send them to the Highways team to test for you. Please be aware this is at your own risk as although Highways will treat your API keys with strict confidentially, sending any API details via the internet has an inherent risk that Highways cannot mitigate against.

  • Highways recommend you generate a new set of keys and deactivate/delete them when they are no longer required.

  • Highways encourage you to use services like to send keys to us.

  • Do not send your keys to Highways unless you have been asked to or you have decided you are unable to conduct the test yourself.

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