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What is the difference between WordPress & WooCommerce from Highways?
What is the difference between WordPress & WooCommerce from Highways?
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We get this question a lot so if you are confused, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

To begin, Highways offers two integrations to WordPress:

When would I use the WordPress plugin from Highways?

  • The WordPress plugin is free to download and use without a Highways account.

  • You would use this plugin if you want data to flow from WordPress into Intercom on a continuous basis as events happen e.g. New WordPress Users, New Order Information etc

  • Our WordPress plugin automatically syncs WooCommerce data to Intercom as it happens. It does not sync historic or past data.

  • The plugin does not appear in your Intercom Inbox except for data like Intercom Events and Qualification.

  • Our WordPress app does not include support except for feature requests and bug reports via the WordPress Codex only.

When would I use the WooCommerce App from Highways?

  • The WooCommerce App by Highways is a paid app available from the Intercom store.

  • You would use this plugin if you and your team need access to WooCommerce data e.g. Customer Information, Order History etc when chatting to a customer in Intercom.

  • This app does not move or sync data from WooCommerce into Intercom, it only displays data from WooCommerce in the Intercom Inbox.

  • Our WooCommerce App includes full support via our chat and service channels.


  • You do not need our WordPress plugin to use our WooCommerce App, and vice versa.

  • They can be used at the same time and will not conflict.

  • They are independent and different tools that serve different purposes.

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