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How do I install WooCommerce for Intercom?
How do I install WooCommerce for Intercom?
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To get started, you are going to require access to your WooCommerce installation. Open your WordPress dashboard and click WooCommerce, then Settings. From your main settings page, click Advanced and then REST API in the sub-menu.

Click Add Key

On the next page, give your key a description that you can easily remember, and choose a user for the key. Highways recommend you create a new shop manager (or similar user) for exclusive use with the REST API. For permissions, select Read/Write.

When ready, click Generate API Key

When the page refreshes, carefully note the Consumer key and Consumer secret as they will not be shown again! You do not require the QR code for Highways.

After you have authorised with Intercom, you will be asked for your WooCommerce connection details. Ensure you enter your domain exactly as it appears on your site and do not include anything at the end e.g. is the expected format. Enter the keys you created and noted in the previous steps.

Click Save and you will be redirected back to your Intercom Inbox to begin using the WooCommerce App for Intercom!

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