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How do I create an opportunity in Keap with Intercom?
How do I create an opportunity in Keap with Intercom?
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When the Keap by Infusionsoft App loads in Intercom, it will search for an existing contact in your Keap CRM based on the email of the contact. If a contact exists, the contact information will be shown.

Please note, a contact must exist in Keap for current opportunities to be shown and to permit you to create opportunities.

To create an opportunity, simply click Create Opportunity

On the next screen, enter the opportunity details and select a Stage. In this example, we are selecting the Working stage.

Note, by default, a link to the Intercom conversation is included in the opportunity notes by the Highways system.

When complete, click Create Opportunity

If successful, you will receive confirmation:

And your new opportunity, in addition to the most recent, will appear in the contacts profile:

Congrats! You have created an opportunity in Keap using the Highways Intercom App!

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