When Highways creates a Deal in Pipedrive, we supply the Stage of the Deal. Each Pipeline has distinct Stages, and these Stages are tied to a given Pipeline.

When creating a deal, you can place your deal in a given Pipeline and at a given stage by simply selecting the Stage when creating it.

Note: If you have more than one pipeline, the pipeline for that given stage appears in brackets. In the example, below there are two Pipelines: US Sales & Irish Sales.

In this example, we are placing this deal in the Irish Sales Pipeline under the Lead In MCKL Stage.

The parameter passed by Highways is Stage ID and is explained by Pipedrive themselves as:

ID of the stage this deal will be placed in a pipeline (note that you can’t supply the ID of the pipeline as this will be assigned automatically based on stage_id). If omitted, the deal will be placed in the first stage of the default pipeline.

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