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Do I need separate Pipedrive Accounts in Intercom?
Do I need separate Pipedrive Accounts in Intercom?

Do each of my team mates need their own Pipedrive account to use Intercom?

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Yes, each Intercom team member requires their own Pipedrive Account. This is caused by the method by which Pipedrive issues authentication tokens.

Highways recommend you do not share Pipedrive accounts when linking to Intercom.

Why can I not share Pipedrive accounts?

Let’s imagine there are three Intercom team members: Anne, Bob and Charles. Anna has linked her own Intercom Account to her own Pipedrive account. Bob and Charles have their own Intercom Accounts, but they wish to share Bob’s Pipedrive account between them. When Bob and Charles authenticate with Pipedrive, they are each given a new set of tokens for Bob’s account. This means the only tokens that work are the tokens last issued.

This will mean that Bob and Charles will need to continually re-authenticate with Pipedrive and likely cause errors in Highways.

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