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How to create HubSpot contacts from Intercom
How to create HubSpot contacts from Intercom

In this Intercom and HubSpot integration guide, we'll show you how to create contacts right from your inbox without a developer.

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After you've connected Intercom and HubSpot, you'll be able to start using them in ways you've always needed to.

Creating Contacts

All of your team will be able to manually create contacts in HubSpot right from their Intercom inbox.

Haven't connected yet?

From your inbox, you'll see the HubSpot by Highways app in the right hand side. 

  1. Click Create Contact

  2. Enter the Contacts Name

  3. Click Create Contact

Now that Contact will exist in both Intercom and HubSpot. Your whole team will now be able to view this contact in both Intercom and HubSpot.

What exactly happens on Contact Creation?

  • A contact record is created in HubSpot

  • Company is updated in HubSpot if one exists in Intercom on creation

  • The Lifecycle Stage is set to Lead

  • Original source drill-down 2 is set to Intercom

  • Time First Seen is set to the First Seen date from Intercom

What else can I do?

Once you've completed the installation process, your Intercom and HubSpot apps will now be integrated. From there you and your team will be able to:

  • View, Create and Explore Deals

  • Deep link Contacts and Deals to HubSpot

  • Automatically sync Chat Transcripts to Contacts or Deals in HubSpot

Ready to go?

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