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How to connect HubSpot and Intercom
How to connect HubSpot and Intercom

Integrate Intercom and HubSpot with just a few clicks - create, view and edit contacts and deals right from your Intercom inbox.

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  1. Authorise Access, Intercom

  2. Authorise Access, HubSpot

Once you've authorised access of the integration from HubSpot and Intercom, you're ready to go. If you run into issues, let us know via chat at

Post Integration

Once you've completed the installation process, your Intercom and HubSpot apps will now be integrated. From there you and your team will be able to:

  • View & Create Contacts

  • View, Create and Explore Deals

  • Deep link Contacts and Deals to HubSpot

  • Automatically sync Chat Transcripts to Contacts or Deals in HubSpot

Ready to go?

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